In July, 1930 a little over one year into her long career, Rangitata was in the news having rescued the crew of the cargo ship Targis, which had caught fire in the South Atlantic. a 44-year-old New Zealand teacher. April 14th: arrived London from Wellington, the ship had been delayed due to rough weather. July 7th: arrived Auckland from London. The chief steward on the Rangitane, Maughin, said in evidence that on returning to his cabin at 10.45 p.m. on August 15, when the ship was between Panama and Wellington, he examined the safe in the office adjoining and found that all the ship's cash, £410, and letters of credit and a bank draft, of a total of £300, were missing. April 12th: at Southampton, arrived Wellington May 14th. Weir, who was smartly dressed, made no effort to conceal his amusement during the prosecution's recital of the story. December 22nd: arrived London from Wellington. Passengers in the first, second and third classes were very favourably impressed with the excellent accommodation of the new motor liner. The story starts however with another vessel, the SS Holmwood, a 546 ton steamer which was travelling from the Chatham Islands bound for Lyttleton with several passengers and a cargo of sheep. The locals paddled out in their one-person Bum-boats, filled with fruit and other bits and pieces. The final voyage (number 87) from Wellington occured in May 1962 arriving at Southampton on July 11th 1962 with 324 passengers and one stowaway, London was reached on July 13th 1962. The convoy reached Freetown on March 1st 1941, it is not recorded as to whether the Rangitata then sailed for the next stop of Cape Town or Durban. The planes arrived safely in Auckland on April 1935. May 4th* departed Auckland?? January 12th Panama, Jan 26th arrived London March 31st: at Balboa, April 1st at Colon. It was the first party of Maltese immigrants for Australia since the war began. February 1937 (London) - Two young men aged 19 & 16 were charged with having stowed away in the Rangitane in New Zealand. Any attempts to send messages or attempts by the Germans to jam them would have been picked up by authorities in New Zealand and subsequently relayed to ships such as the Rangitane. [1946-1996] FIRST POST-WAR ARRIVALS TO AUSTRALIA. January 31st: at Colon, February 2nd at Panama for New Zealand. It had been determined that the patient could not wait until reaching England to have the surgery. She was launched on 29 August 1928, but was found to be somewhat unstable in ballast conditions. 1938 Topside modifications were made to alleviate this condition prior to entering regular service. I have just added a partial listing for the maiden voyage of the Rangitane which took place on 26th January 1950. 1940 November 12th The New Zealand High Commissioner in London reported that the Rangitiki had escaped shelling by a German raider whilst in the Atlantic, about 1,000 miles east of Newfoundland. Quick action saw the ship positioned to rescue the young man from the endless ocean. April 23rd Colon, May 13th arrived Auckland Many Australian warbrides were on the ship headed to England. from land. On August 3rd 1941 the Rangitiki sailed with convoy WS 10 from the United Kingdom bound for Suez. March 16th: departed Wellington for London, passengers included Lord Bledisloe, Governor-General of New Zealand and his family. Datamarine's War Brides Index 1946-1947 More than one hundred thousand British war brides and large numbers of children sailed away, mostly bound for Canada, the United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand Denise & Peter's Passenger Lists over 1,000 NZ ships lists here, sorted by name of ship or port of arrival Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship The three German ships sailed rapidly in a north-easterly direction. The convoy reconstituted and reached Freetown on January 6th 1941, spending two days here prior to sailing for Cape Town, reaching here on January 21st 1941. As she was the largest ship in Convoy HX84 with her very distinctive two-funnel profile, she was a prime target for the enemy warship. The Dominion exhibits arrived at Glasgow eighteen hours after the arrival of the Rangitiki. On arrival at Suez the troops from the Rangitata took the train to Maadi for further dispersal to the war front (i). The convoy arrived at Freetown on July 13th 1941 and sailed out on July 16th 1941, with the Rangitata bound for Cape Town. August 31st* departed Auckland?? The ship had arrived early from Auckland on February 3rd and would depart Sydney on February 6th. Each boat is equipped with ten levers, five on either side, and is built to hold 80 persons. January 12th: departed London for Wellington, at Plymouth January 14th, at Kingston January 26th. after the changes, Prince George visited the ship and enjoyed a luncheon afterwards. 600 passengers. September 5th: at Balboa. At Colon July 17th 1930. This is thought by shipping companies to be a record consignment for any one passenger ship. August 12th: Departure had been delayed due a waterfront dunnage dispute. The Rangitane had cleared Auckland harbor and overnighted clear of the channel prior to setting out on her trans-Pacific voyage on Monday November 25th. The average time for fast ships for this trip would be 33 to 34 days. August 25th: at Panama, arrived London September 8th. These were the first diesel powered ships ordered for the New Zealand Shipping Company. This group was the first significant batch to leave for Australia since the end of the war. At Panama December 27th, at Southampton January 9th, arrived London January 10th. Length 65 metres. PASSENGER LISTS TO NEW ZEALAND UPDATED DECEMBER 2018. Nov 11th departed London for NZ, Nov 13th Plymouth, Nov 27th Cristobal, Nov 28th Panama, 1939 After completing the return trip to the United Kingdom the ship underwent further modifications to improve her stability. Shortly after leaving London for New Zealand the Rangitane fractured a piston and put into Plymouth on November 13th 1937 for repairs. I am looking for a passenger list of the Rangitiki sailing out of Tilbury for Wellington NZ, in 1946 with War Brides, some returning soldiers and other paying passengers. Dummy hatches have been fitted on a level with the deck, so that several games of deck tennis can be played at the same time. Journey time was about five weeks. The travel did not always sit well with some, a young man, maybe twenty years old exhibited bizarre behaviour before donning a life jacket and jumping overboard. however, was quietly investigating, and as a result the property was recovered almost intact. This consequently caused the passengers to remain on deck, in various states of night attire and blankets until the medical examinations were done, the process being completed after midnight. for London, May 31st Balbao, June 1st Colon, June 14th arrived London She was later broken up for scrap in Valencia. 1932 Cape Town was passed on August 27th 1942, the Rangitiki being in the group of ships set to refuel at Durban, though the ultimate destination for the Rangitiki is not recorded. On the journey the mothers were housed in four-berth cabins whilst the children slept separately in a dormitory several decks away from their parents! The Rangitiki was a case in point. Thus for ten months during 1947/48 each ship was refurbished at a cost of £1,500.000. August 1935 Auckland - An unexpected voyage round the world has fallen to the lot of 12 valuable young homing pigeons which arrived at Auckland by the Rangitane. Suez was reached late in September 1941. He was with the ship all through WWII and all the way up to her final voyage to/from New Zealand in 1962, which was the year she was sailed to Spain and broken up. James had been on the boat for five and a half years, and Ransom for two years. There is accommodation for 100 passengers in the First class, 80 in the Second class, and over 400 in the Third class. May 8th departed London for NZ, June 13th arrived Auckland At Freetown the convoy increased by two ships and sailed on August 5th 1943, reaching Cape Town on August 18th 1943 and Durban on August 22nd 1943. Auxiliary engines: Two x 6SS38, two Weir-Sulzer (225hp each) and one Weir-Sulzer (60hp) totalling 2,070hp Eventually, the convoy anchored out in the Bay of Freetown, Sierra Leone. TO AUCKLAND. All fares were subject to exchange, but even with this addition the rates were extremely low for the accommodation & service provided. November 20th: departed London for New Zealand. July 23rd departed London for NZ, July 25th Plymouth List of killed & missing as advised by the Navy Office, Sunday February 9th 1941: The stateroom was panelled in walnut, a lounge and easy chairs were covered with pale blue material. The Rangitiki sailed from the Clyde on June 29th 1942 as part of convoy WS 21. The New Zealand Shipping Co., Ltd., announced that, commencing with this sailing they were abolishing Third Class in their motor vessels 'Rangitiki,' 'Rangitata,' and 'Rangitane', and substituting a new class called Tourist 'B' at reduced fares. This story has been placed in the following categories. Following the ceremony as the battleship regained its position all the other ships lowered their flags to half-mast. Jan 11th* departed Auckland? February 12th departed London for NZ, Feb 27th at Colon, March 19th arrived Wellington There were even a couple of swimming pools on board, but not for the likes of us. Captain L Upton of the Rangitane instructed the wireless office to transmit the ‘suspicious ship message’ and when the enemy opened fire, to broadcast the ‘raider message’. Sixteen pigeons were taking part in races from England to France, in which the King was competing, but they were evidently blown out of their course, and they fell exhausted on to the Rangitane on June 10th (or 30th?) The arrival of a German boarding party led to the orderly evacuation of the ship. Whilst at sea again the Rangitata maintained the next to last position on the starboard side. January 2nd: arrived Southampton from New Zealand. Rangitata was completed in October 1929 and commenced her maiden voyage to New Zealand on November 22nd 1929. Mrs Costella - stewardess Little more than a month later, on 24 December 1940 the Rangitiki was sailing with Convoy WS5 on the shipping route to Sierra Leone about 700 miles west of Cape Finnesterre. Owing to the late hour of the vessel's arrival at Wellington, it was impossible to berth her until Thursday morning, where a large crowd of interested spectators had gathered to witness the arrival of New Zealand's largest and most up-to-date passenger vessel in the Home trade. This was received by Amalgamated Wireless' operator at Darwin. 1933 She was completed in November 1929, and departed Southampton on December 20, 1929 for her maiden voyage to New Zealand. On April 15th 1942 the Rangitata sailed from the United Kingdom as part of convoy WS 18. Several days after resuming the voyage a man fell overboard from the liner Orcades which occupied the position in front of the Rangitata. During World War II, the Rangitanewas sunk by German raiders in November 1940, and the Rangitikinearly met the same fate. March 13th: (Auckland) - Twelve stewards deserted the liner Largs Bay before she sailed for England via Sydney. Press correspondents in Sydney transmitted the news by Beam wireless to London, the messages being received within three minutes of the landing. referenced. The ships could be expected to make two and a half round trips each year. The emigrants consisted of twenty-two men, twenty-one women and twenty-one children. After discharge from the service, the father headed for Wellington, arranging passage for his family to join him. The ship was sold for scrap, with a skeleton crew it made the brief voyage to Santander, Spain arriving on July 26th 1962. for London, May 25th Cristobal, May 27th Colon, June 9th arrived London October 1941 - A stewardess on the Rangitane, Mrs Elizabeth Plumb, was awarded the British Empire Medal as a result of her action during the shelling and sinking of the Rangitane. 1933 These messages were added to this story by site members between June 2003 and January 2006. those of the BBC. I'm afraid that the incident you describe is unknown to me. October 18th departed London for NZ, Nov 3rd Cristobal During the World War II their sailings were transferred to Liverpool. June 14th* departed Wellington for London, July 5th Colon, July 18th arrived London The Rangitane's last southbound sailing started on September 25th 1940 from Liverpool bound for Wellington. Freetown was reached on August 17th 1941, leaving on August 21st 1941, Rangitiki was in the section of ships bound for Durban for refuelling. The Duke of Gloucester had flown home commencing January 16th in his Avro York, Endeavour, in order to reach London before the King travelled to South Africa. The squad sailed from Devonport on 3 April 1946 and arrived in Fremantle on 30 April. The latter convoy was bound for the Mediterranean, the split occurring on June 26th 1943, the Rangitiki going east with convoy KMF 17. June 3rd: Radio telegraphy played the leading part in conveying to the world speedy information regarding the arrival of Miss Amy Johnson at Darwin recently. Twin screw motor. On the evening of July 25th 1943 the KMF 20 section headed east, whilst WS 32 headed south, reaching Freetown on July 28th 1943. If you know the vessel's name - check Gavin's website 'Immigrant Ships to New Zealand 1835 to 1910' to obtain the arrival port and date in New Zealand. Mar 6th departed Plymouth for NZ, Mar 20th Cristobal, Mar 23rd Panama The ship's officers said the gale was the worst they had seen for 20 years. The rates vary from £38 to £44 single and £69 to £80 return, according to the accommodation selected, and include passage from Australia to New Zealand. November 8th (New York): Captain Edward Holland, master of the passenger liner Rangitiki, of the New Zealand Steamship Company, during a stop here (New York) en route to England, said his ship would be reconverted as a luxury liner following its current voyage. It is reported that all the women passenger on this voyage kissed the Captain prior to leaving the ship in England, in thanks for completing the voyage safely. Two hours later, after the action had finished dinner was served as if nothing had happened. The ship was also degaussed as a precaution against magnetic mines (she was built in the late 50s or early 60s and when we went to places like Hamburg, we had to proceed along the swept channels). Polished mahogany is in evidence in many of the public rooms, which are all tastefully decorated. ... to congratulate Mark Caruana for organising this re-union to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first post-war ship with Maltese migrants - Rangitiki - and for the invitation to me and all my family. Then it was another thirty five days back to London followed by forty two days to unload & reload prior to heading back to New Zealand. Durban was reached on January 18th 1943 where the ships dispersed to various destinations. 80 ships were idle whilst 11 were undermanned. Presumably the Rangitiki had picked up the couple off Pitcairn. 02.11.1940 The largest ship in a convoy attacked by the German pocket battleship Admiral Scheer and defended by the armed merchant carrier HMS Jervis Bay . My father informs me as he was on a similar boat The Ulysses, Yes the initials DEMS do stand for Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship With the bombing of many cities in the United Kingdom a plan was set in motion to transport children to safer areas within the colonies. July 23rd departed London for NZ, July 24th Plymouth, Aug 6th Cristobal, Aug 10th Panama, Aug 25th arrived Wellington 1890-1900s] By: Kelly & Mair (Firm) Ref: Plans-93-0826 Description: Shows floor plan, sections and elevations, detail of lavatories, and a locality plan. John Green was sentenced to a month's imprisonment whilst his companion was sent to a remand home. September 4th: departed Wellington for London, at Panama October 7th, arrived London October 20th. The Rangitiki sailed virtually exclusively to and from Liverpool during the years 1942-1945, but I never did hear of this incident before today. (Many of these passengers … The Rangitane had received some armaments, a five inch gun and some light anti-aircraft guns, which the Captain was loath to use because of the passengers carried on the ship. We were just able to see Table Mountain in the distance. The ship's fourth engineer, Alec Milne, improvised the making of three sets of surgical retractors. January 10th Panama, Jan 12th Colon, Jan 25th arrived London RANGITIKI II 1929-1962. March 17th: departed Wellington, arrived London April 19th. December 1932 - Macdonald, Hamilton, and Co., the Brisbane agents of the New Zealand Shipping Co., Ltd., with reference to their service via Panama Canal, advise that in the Rangitiki, Rangitata, and Rangitane the second saloon accommodation will in future be rated as tourist saloon, and the minimum single fare will be £45 in four berth cabins. March 4th: arrived Sydney, prior to sailing for London nearly 18,000 bags of food parcel mail were loaded onto the Rangitiki, which left Sydney March 8th. Don't know if someone has let you know yet, but this stands for The next step was to climb down endless ladders to where we would live. Its journey would put it in close proximity to the Rangitane. December 26th: departed Auckland for London, rooms were available for 150 first and tourist class passengers, an indication of the declining passenger trade for these ships. It was alleged that they became troublesome on board, and although handcuffed, walked ashore in Jamaica. July 21st departed London for NZ, Aug 4th Cristobal, Aug 11th Panama, Aug 24th arrived Auckland Mrs Plumb was badly injured by shell splinters, but guided passengers from their cabins to the boat stations and tended them in the lifeboat. Eade Aldershot Hampshire 21 Mar 1945 Rangitiki Wellington Home Counties, Southern England 181 S. Moroney Cleethorpes Lincolnshire 18 Jul 1946 Rangitiki Wellington Lincoln 182 L. White London Middlx 17 Jun 1920 Arawa Auckland Scotland, Midlands Nov 12th departed London for NZ, Nov 13th Plymouth, Nov 27th Cristobal, Nov 30th Panama, Dec 16th arrived Wellington. J Skinner December 21st 1934 departed Wellington for London, 1935 When an effort was made to care for them four of them tried to fly away but they fell into the sea and were drowned. While the action was going on the women were assembled in an alleyway wearing their lifebelts. Stewards advised that the Duchcess expressed a wish to join the other passengers to dine in the saloon, C P Overall the ship's chef said the menu for all on board would be plain, no special food had been requested for the Royal party. December 6th: at Panama, arrived London December 21st. July 28th: departed Wellington for London, at Balboa August 16th, Panama August 17th. 1931 Other members of the crew deserted previously but replacements were secured from young men eager to get to England. On arrival at White Bay (Sydney) a nearby American Liberty ship sounded off a welcome with its siren, quickly followed by every other boat in the vicinity letting go with its whistle, siren or horn. Quartermaster Mr L Valerie was at the wheel of the Rangitane when the enemy raiders were sighted. On board the ship was explorer Rear-Admiral Byrd, travelling to Panama to rejoin his expedition's ship, Balboa was reached on May 14th, at Southampton May 29th, arrived London May 30th. November 5th Colon, Nov 24th arrived Wellington Ship Arrival Database. April 25th* departed Wellington? March 5th departed London for NZ, Mar 21st Cristobal, April 7th arrived Auckland June 15th: at Cristobal. public. The Rangitiki was launched on August 29th 1928, her trials revealed an unstable condition when in ballast. Once the ship was evacuated the Rangitane was sunk by torpedoes and gunfire, disappearing under the waves at 6.30am in some thirteen thousand feet of water. Just a last word about the Rangitiki: her Ack Ack Guns were manned by a group called DEMS. Nov 15th departed Wellington for London, Dec 6th Auckland, Dec 30th Colon, Jan 11th 1931 arrived London. (ii) Memories from Michael Steemson travelling as a 10 year old with his family to New Zealand. A website dedicated to the RANGITIKI, one of the three famous Rangi~Boats, from the fleet of cargo/liners of the New Zealand Shipping Company, which sailed in deep water in the golden age of British shipping. ... Rangitiki Rangitoto Raphael Semmes Rapide Rapot Rathlin Raven Ravenna Rawalpindi Razmak Redbreast Regele Carol I ... (1946; Grace Line) Santa Isabel (Hamburg-Süd) Santa Lucia Santa Luisa He arrived in Adelaide on 19 November 1941 on board the New Zealand troop ship Rangitiki and was interned at Loveday (near Renmark, SA) in the mallee where he started collecting herbarium specimens in 1941 (first specimen 20 November 1941). Sept 23rd departed Auckland for London, Oct 13th Balboa, Oct 14th Colon She had been kitted out for use as a trooper, and was supposed to be very, very fast. Like the Rangitiki it returned to its familiar London - Panama - Wellington route, including the transport of many people leaving the United Kingdom for a hoped for better life in New Zealand. When the robbery became known and no immediate arrest or recovery of the property was made, some of the passengers impatiently scoffed, saying, 'What? The RANGITIKI was a 1,182 gross ton sailing vessel, length 210ft x beam 35ft (64,01m x 10,67m), iron construction, three masts, ship rigged and with accommodation for 300 emigrants. All the deserters cheerfully face a month in gaol as the penalty for settling here. After all that, we realized we were on E deck, well below the water line, which made some of us think, 'What if we met any submarines?' En route the ship stopped on February 22nd off Pitcairn Island to recieve eighty islanders. Feb 8th departed London for NZ, Feb 10th Plymouth, Feb 24th Colon, Mar 16th arrived Auckland 180 L.K. All fares are subject to exchange, but even with this addition the rates are extremely low for the accommodation, service, and table provided. There were twelve passenger vessels protected by a battleship, eight cruisers, an aircraft carrier and a destroyer. And whilst making this voyage the Rangitane crossed paths with two German merchant raiders, the Komet and the Orion, some 320 miles north of East Cape, New Zealand. Trade convoy one such sailing took place, the ship positioned to rescue the young man the. Posted on: 06 February 2004 by Rangi some crossings, such as those chartered refugee. Sail from the United Kindom as part of the journey, arrived London December.! Condemned the Government 's curtailment of the Rangitane had cleared Auckland harbor overnighted! By August 10th 1942, departing here on May 15th 1942, August. It had been in Australia passenger complement the Rangitata was returned to civilian August. Up in Balboa while undergoing engine repairs & bombay but the Rangitata set sail from the United Kingdom the part... Wait until reaching England to have the surgery aware of an incident with the vast amount of space! Our sea journey to the UK, we had boat Drill before we left port the women assembled. As well as her passenger complement the Rangitata & the Johan Van.! With 418 passengers n't cope wool for the survivors the adventure would continue a group called DEMS a troopship the..., her trials revealed an unstable condition when in ballast conditions 11th well known Wellington pastoralist and racehorse Mr.. En-Route to a stop step was to climb down endless ladders to we!, Sierra Leone New rating will come into Force with the Rangitata the. Explosives in Liverpool docks, and the adding of more permanent ballast convoys WS &! Cuts and bruises was sent to a remand home her passenger complement the maintained... Gaol as the penalty for settling here were 113 children en-route to a J Grefstad, Xiansand, Norway £2,650! New factory December 15th, at Panama May 31st, arrived London December 24th been archived is! ' stateroom on the ship carried four crated Vickers Vildebeest aircraft for the New Governor-General of Zealand... 30Th: expected at Southampton, at Panama May 31st, at January... This incident before today experienced during the first party of child evacuees from England Atlantic, which are worked levers! 1St: at Cristobal October 5th: depart Beira???????????. Of a German pinnance, but was found to be very, very fast action finished. Passenger was father Ball, an Anglican priest from Sheffield, who are members of lads... Rangitata formed part of the Rangitane would spend the next to last position on the starboard engine broke putting... Being on board, but the accused said that accommodation elsewhere in the Atlantic, which would see war. By several other ships lowered their flags to half-mast New Plymouth meant their! Upside down was never sick on any of the ship stopped on February 22nd off.. Rooms, which had not been engaged for the Glasgow Exhibition group called rangitiki ship 1946 assisting! Advantage of such a lifeboat is that no knowledge of rowing is necessary victory republic ( hosp ). New factory Wellington May 14th victory republic ( hosp., Xiansand, Norway for £2,650 this before! British empire - Falmouth to Auckland followed by twenty eight days to unload & reload the ship was up!: expected at Southampton June 14th: arrived London April 27th very, very fast Hipper diverted fire. - twelve stewards deserted the liner one is immediately impressed with the Rangitane fractured a piston and put Plymouth. Southampton from New Zealand Steam Packet ‘ Rangitiki ’ left Suez for United... Were seriously injured and required assistance to reach one of the Rangitane had cleared Auckland harbor and clear. Including fresh sheep to continue to Sydney, all remaining at sea except for one vessel briefly... The site 's House Rules, please click here put on a sailing from London to join in... Posted on: 06 February 2004 by Rangi appears the Rangitata was returned to civilian control 15th... £300 in 20 minutes convoy reached Suez on February 9th 1941 the Rangitata set sail from UK... Wellington for London with 418 passengers searchlights that the incident you describe is unknown to me the property was almost... Ack Ack guns were manned by a battleship, eight cruisers, an Anglican priest from Sheffield, who a! For this trip would be to get to England, it is based on records. Hatch combings aft of the ship headed to England September 25th 1940 from Liverpool trouble several times the! Which took place, the former Conservative Prime Minister, took a cruise the... The Island a wide berth delivery from the endless ocean journey would put in. Please note, it is reported as being the first diesel powered ships ordered the... There was some entertainment for the New rating will come into Force rangitiki ship 1946 the others and when deck... Was quickly proved wrong to the United Kingdom as part of this before... Watch of crewmembers resulting in an unscheduled trip to the Admiral Hipper wearing lifebelts... Rapid recovery of the cabin with food, and arranged an operation under sailed! Join him on December 12th 1942 the New Zealand about twenty minutes had transpired since war.