I added a section about redireection to https to the .htaccess file. @julianpoemp Feel free to merge. There you can find the following gists, that are very useful to me: can anyone suggest for htaccess for main domain and its https. Something like https://www.example.com/drawing/drawnig/ works for me with this .htaccess file. If you are looking for more helpful gists, check out my other gists. If this does not work, answer the following questions: @julianpoemp If you have to set it using the .htaccess file I think you can set this two lines right after the "RewriteEngine On" (line 14): Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4083221/how-to-redirect-all-http-requests-to-https, No. I think it is due to the rerouting of htaccess. @julianpoemp Is your .htaccess placed next to your index.html? It's very interesting, why this htaccess file does not work for you but for many other people . j'ai eu ce probleme avec angular 9 aussi et j'ai passé plus que 4 jours afin de le résoudre. RewriteCond %{DOCUMENT_ROOT}%{REQUEST_URI} -d, RewriteRule ^.$ - [NC,L] Here is the ScreenShot where index.html and .htaccess are placed next to each other. Angular versioninglink. I'm using this htaccess file for apps where it's index.html is in a subfolder, too. @RaschidJFR, thank you for your enhancements! Hello, thanks for your work, I have a question, I have a domain like this https://domain.pe, this is the root directory, here is a website made in wordpress, I have created a subdomain like this https://app.domain.pe and in this I want to deploy my application in angular, my question is if this file also works for subdomains and if so how should I use it? Your Apache should replace them automatically. hi @lovemapa Can you help me with that? To create a project using Angular CLI, run the command: ng new demo You need to make sure that Angular CLI is installed globally on your machine. Hi @julianpoemp, 6. AngularJS slider control directive. Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Thank you for your help and prompt reply, actually I realized that the issue is something else, but I have not find the logic of that. The generator : https://julianpoemp.github.io/ngx-htaccess-generator/ |_ index.html I recommend to install your Angular app in a directory next to the directory where wordpress is installed. Please answer the following questions: When you have any more information that helps to reproduce your issue, tell me. What is the folder structure of your website? @lovemapa I think it's something with your server configuration because my .htaccess code works with a lot of applications. That's why I would change it to this code: If that still does not work, I recommend you to use an htaccess tester like https://htaccess.madewithlove.be/ in order to debug this problem. Thanks for the information, I've never heard of that. "The server responded with a non-JavaScript MIME type of "text/html"- did you look on the "network" tab of your browser's web tools? principalement c'est mon htaccess : Dans app.module.ts ; remplacer 'HashLocationStrategy' par 'PathLocationStrategy' dans la partie providers. Thank you so much! If this doesn't work, the problem is not located in my htaccess file. Learn about the latest improvements. See example below for ng-repeat and ng-click: Usage @lovemapa that are constants from your web server. @AbdelhediIssamIng I tried your .htaccess, but when trying to open my website ("https://www.getithomenow.com"), getting certification error as i'm redirecting from https to http, change HTTP to HTTPS in .htaccess and not forget the other steps. Thank you for your help. Thanks man, you saved my app in production. The project: https://github.com/julianpoemp/ngx-htaccess-generator For example: Imagine your app navigated to the URL https://example.com/page1/page2 where your app is located on https://example.com/. my .htaccess file is as shown below but I want to exclude my API folder that make some troubles for me with some modules. ... If not, your routing is the problem. 10.1k, JavaScript (example: ", If your app is on the root of your domain like. in case it could help in finding error. Angular Versions From: To: App Complexity Basic Medium Advanced. your .htaccess file is incorrect. Optimal .htaccess configuration for Angular 11, Angular 10, Angular 9, Angular 8, Angular 7, Angular 6, Angular 5 (and older) app in production incl. Production and development builds. It has to be relplaced by by /var/www...... and what about REQUEST_URI ? I'm using Apache server on AWS . Angular version numbers indicate the level of changes that are introduced by the release. I'm currently not able to test it with more levels, but I beliefe you that it works. I've made the angular build (ng build --prod ) for my Angular 9 web app. Make sure, that your base-href attribute is correct. Copied it in htaccess Angular has 197 repositories available. For example: Your index.html is available on www.example.com/angular/index.hml, the .htaccess file path must be www.example.com/angular/.htaccess. mod_rewrite was activated , but the problem was in httpd.conf file , i have to change AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All @cjosue15 The generated .htaccess file fixes the redirection issue by default. I am really confused here, You don't have to change your base-href attribute because "/" is the default and should work for you. The error is not 404, but in the console i have several "Failed to load module script: The server responded with a non-JavaScript MIME type of "text/html". I called mine rust-wasm-angular.If you haven’t already, install node.js, Angular CLI, … My htaccess file is a fix for the reload-issue. Want to help? The redirection to the index.html does not work. does it work in your development envirenoment using ng serve? 16.7k Does it work with ng serve? Just download the .htaccess file and place it next to your app's index.html. My code is a little different from what you suggested. Yeap the .htaccess is in the same folder where index.html is. @julianpoemp Does your web server allow using .htaccess configurations? You can see the base-href attribute as absolute path from the host to your index.html. @Engshreen fantastic! Maybe you want to update your .htaccess file and your generator too. The ressource for /home is generated by angular. Please suggest me if there is any other way to rewrite to index.html in https main domains. In this tutorial we'll be seeing a detailed guide with examples using the new HttpClient in Angular 10, available from the @angular/common/http module starting with Angular 4.3+ and which replaces the old HTTP client that was available from the @angular/http package. Angular-awesome-slider. Need help with longer url. Tagged with angular, javascript, showdev, webdev. The goal of this generator is to make the configuration process much easier. Just follow the instructions. It helps to solve the most problems. Angular HTML5 file upload Flow.js is a JavaScript library providing multiple simultaneous, stable and resumable uploads via the HTML5 File API. 59.6k Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. This post will be a quick practical guide for the Angular HTTP Client module. thank you very much I am new to this topic. As an additional feature the generator supports adding exclusions for example if you have installed a blog in a subdirectory of your web application. @Genrier https://askubuntu.com/questions/429869/is-this-a-correct-way-to-enable-htaccess-in-apache-2-4-7. Want to file a bug, contribute some code, or improve documentation? Can you explain exactly what is not working? ajouter {useHash: true} dans le fichier app-routing, utiliser cette commande pour générer un build : ng build --prod --base-href "http://0.0.0/my-app/" (remplacer 0.0.0 par l'adresse du serveur et my app c'est le nom de ton projet ) . @julianpoemp Thanks for answering. @Engshreen Make a note of the user name and project name in GitHub. The Angular Bare Bones project takes things up a level from the Hello World project and adds basic Angular routing, multiple components as well as a simple service. If i do: https://app.corsind.com/runtime.ed9d973e507d2f11f57e.js without the htaccess it returns the text in the file, but if i do with the htaccess it returns: Both are related to User Password update. I recommend using my .htaccess file because it's tested by a lot of people and should work at first try. github.com-angular-angular_-_2020-02-07_10-13-46 Item Preview cover.jpg . RewriteRule (. Download Zip File; Download Tar ball; View on GitHub; Welcome Just play a little bit Single value. I was able to test it with one level of directories and it works well. My project inside folder called dist , .htaccess in the same folder beside index.html, this is my htaccess file In that case your commands look something like .../api/user/create a.s.o. In my apps I'm using GET parameters and the .htaccess works very well with them. Yes you are right. We will be using the new @angular/common/http module, but a good part of this post is also applicable to the previous @angular/http module.. We will provide some examples of how to use this module to implement some of the most common uses that you will find … Build your project using Github project name, with the Angular CLI command ng build and the options shown here: If you are facing any issues try to answer the following questions. i use apache httpserver 2.4 and i have to active Module Rewirte on httpd.conf File: LoadModule rewrite_module modules/mod_rewrite.so, My Understanding i have to activate this Module (My Case: Rewrite Module) to allow web server access to the .htaccess file, In any case, please make sure that your web server can apply the settings in the .htaccess file, @Engshreen Is your baseHref attribute correct? SubscriptionManager as easy and secure way to manage subscriptions, angular upgrade scripts to easily upgrade to newer versions, script to optimize the folder structure of an angular build, Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<' - for runtime.js, Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<' - for polyfills.js, Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<' - for main.js. to use the angular optional parameters, I've used semicolon (;) like this /login;param1=value1 instead of /login?param1=value1, Reference here for optional parameters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy0zhvCH-RM. By the way thank you for your cooperation. @Engshreen fantastic! Basically, your application is hosted directly from your GitHub Repository. Start by creating an empty GitHub repository and clone it to your computer. :( Deploy Angular to GitHub Pages. Does the domain www.getithomenow.com reference to /var/www/html/getithomenow/public_html and your app is inside public? yes ,.htaccess is enabled in my server, 2.) Show update information relevant to all Angular developers. 5.6k, TypeScript It's important to prevent the 404 error. @julianpoemp I'm getting 500 Server error. Setting up the project. More information about this error may be available in the server error log. I've noticed it fails when entering directly from a longer url (for example https://domain.com/app-root-folder/some/deeper/view. I have a simple Angular (4) application which I want to host on Github Pages, the option to do this from Angular CLI seems removed. Please try to replace the old htaccess file with the following code generated by my htaccess generator: Hi @julianpoemp Sir, DOCUMENT_ROOT is just a variable I guess,right ? New updates will be implemented in the generator only. Ready to go, statically typed build system using gulp for working with TypeScript. Everything else works fine when the user is behind the HTTPS protocol. https://julianpoemp.github.io/ngx-htaccess-generator/, https://github.com/julianpoemp/ngx-htaccess-generator, https://github.com/julianpoemp/ngx-htaccess-generator/issues, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4083221/how-to-redirect-all-http-requests-to-https, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy0zhvCH-RM,, https://askubuntu.com/questions/429869/is-this-a-correct-way-to-enable-htaccess-in-apache-2-4-7, https://app.corsind.com/main.e6b4280da5eaa36ddba6.js, https://app.corsind.com/styles.6f71438dd8da78625119.css, https://app.corsind.com/polyfills.bf99d438b005d57b2b31.js, https://app.corsind.com/runtime.ed9d973e507d2f11f57e.js, PathLocationStrategy — the default "HTML5 pushState" style. You signed in with another tab or window. I'm using Angular 8, I have several modules in my app, your .htaccess is working well when i import modules into my app module, but i have errors when using lazy loading (loadChildren). thank you so much for your positive feedback! @julianpoemp Please help me, I tried using your htaccess code but I couldn't fix the problem. Now i use your file but i got the same error, i use the same version , please tell me how to activate it, @julianpoemp @cuncon-lonton I did it , thank you very much. I still have this problem , make sure to add a file named ".htaccess" next to your index.html. ` 5. RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^app.mydomain.com [NC] Does your routing work using ng serve locally? *) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L]. dont be sorry :) The way it worked for me is I placed those lines at the very top of the file, above the # INFORMATION. Place for issues and bug reports: https://github.com/julianpoemp/ngx-htaccess-generator/issues. @Gennier Is the .htaccess file really next to the index.html file of your app? Please contact the server administrator at to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error. SB Admin Angular Argon Dashboard Angular . It works for me and other people very well. RewriteEngine on, i don't know what is the problem , i tried all solution provided here but nothing work. The vaule of my base-href in index.html is "./". how do you handle angular optional parameters? @Gennier The other options are optional :). RewriteEngine On I have to deploy my angular app in WildFly 10 server, where I have to put .htaccess class or is there any other setting I have to do in server. The problem was it the mod_rewrite issue? I'm using a similar one and it works very well. I'm already using your .htaccess file. Optimal .htaccess configuration for Angular 11, Angular 10, Angular 9, Angular 8, Angular 7, Angular 6, Angular 5 (and older) app in production incl. i have tried the above .htaccess but it doesn't work for me. `, Also I was using your .htaccess file but the same issue happens, having said that my API folder path is http://www.app.mydomain.com/api. To make this possible I created a kind of interview mode with some questions. Yes the path /testing/testing1/ is working on localhost using ng serve, What is your base-href value? I've noticed it fails when entering directly from a longer url (for example https://domain.com/app-root-folder/some/deeper/view. @hgsanta thank you for your feedback! Thank you for your time, i forgot to empty path in my module router, now it's working fine. Angular Hammer uses the semantic version naming convention major.minor.patch typical of most Bower projects, with one small difference. Please let me know if that works, I would like to update my htaccess file than and add an explanation. @CJosue yes, it works with subdomains. The reason why you can't access https://www.getithomenow.com/home directly is that the server can't find the directory "home". http//localhost:4200/home) If not, please check your angular routing. This free Angular 9 dashboard is not so popular on GitHub yet, nevertheless we recommend you to pay attention to it. Resource interpreted as Stylesheet but transferred with MIME type text/html: What is the value of your base-href attribute? *) /dist/index.html [NC,L], because your .htaccess is already next to your index.html and not in a subdirectory called dist. 2. Hi, I read above but don't understand. Your base-href attribute is "/angular/". We need more information in order to help you. I created a new htaccess generator for angular apps that makes it easier for you to create the optimal htaccess file: 3.6k, JavaScript My base href is /. 68.9k Allows you to painlessly update the seed tasks of your already existing project. The base-href value is correct. It goes with more than 100 handcrafted custom components you can combine as you wish, 5 customized plugins, and 4 example pages to simplify the development process. Before you begin, you should have a user account with installation privileges and should have unrestricted access to all mentioned web sites in this document. This module is designed to work with Angular.js v1.2.0+, and Hammer.js v2.0.0+. @julianpoemp 18.2k, Component infrastructure and Material Design components for Angular, TypeScript Github is the source of truth for most Angular demos, examples, prototypes, and “real world” projects. but when I directly put URL like www.example.com/angular/product1 it shows 404, I tried to config .htaccess file I try to put Angular be one part of WP website like www.example.com/angular, Is your code wrapped by an ? what should I place this value? 20.8k My folder structure is. @ehasa does this problem still exist? Trying to access directly through HTTPS://example.com/etc/etc everything works fine, but trying HTTP://example.com/etc/etc it redirects to HTTPS://example.com/index.html then HTTPS://example.com/. If that's the case you need to replace the index.html line with that: The directory_path part is a relative part to the host. You signed in with another tab or window. Ok, I've just solved my problem. If it automatically becomes /testing/testing/ try to set your base-href to just "/". Official Angular i18n support. which one..? RewriteRule . We will cover how to do HTTP in Angular in general. there is in a js file. AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web-apps. when i try to use something like /login;page=contactus it seems it will just redirect to /login.. basically the optional parameters seems to be ignored. Hello guys, for test purpose I change the name of those file, then I realized that the issue solved without excluding API folder . You're right, I will change it :), Hello all. sorry @AbdelhediIssamIng but getting this error. Part 1 - Angular 10 Project in Azure DevOps CI/CD with Azure Repos or GitHub and Hosting in Azure App Service Section 1: To Create Angular 10 Project and Run it locally in your machine Section 2: Create Azure DevOps account and move the project source code into Azure RewriteRule ^ - [L] Bootstrap widgets for Angular: autocomplete, accordion, alert, carousel, dropdown, pagination, popover, progressbar, rating, tabset, timepicker, tooltip, typeahead When I tried to open https://app-corsind.com/login reloading works and the network tab of the developer tools shows no errors. Another simple way to deploy your Angular app is to use GitHub Pages. Everything else works fine too. which of course donst exist. Provides fast, reliable and extensible starter for the development of Angular projects. It didn't work. 4. Angular supports two different routing strategies: If you are using PathLocationStrategy you have to append a .htaccess file to your production server in order to make routing work. If you type in AngularJS keywords, it will suggest an Angular solutions. The goal of this generator is to make the configuration process much easier. Hi @amineVestas, It has to be relplaced by by /var/www...... and what about REQUEST_URI ? This is precisely why we created StackBlitz, a lightning fast online IDE that allows you to live edit Angular CLI projects in-browser. Mixed Content: The page at 'https://www.getithomenow.com/' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script ''. Hi @julianpoemp, After further investigation, it seems that it is serving index.html file content in runtime.js, polyfills.js, main.js. Thank you for sharing your .htaccess file. The code posted by me would redirect only if it's just .../api/. 8.7k Supports multiple Angular applications with shared codebase in a single instance of the seed. try to rewrite the .htaccess as it was ( you're code ) and complet the other steps ( specilay the ng build with --basehref). Just use my .htaccess file and place it next to your app's index.html. try to remove the htaccess file and call your app's URL directly. I solved my problem I add whole htaccess from code that was added by author above and now It's work perfectly. There you can check what files were not found and what URL was requested. I have an angular project in base location https://example.com and I have a subfolder for Wordpress blog ie. My app is the root of my domain. i have tried the above .htaccess but it doesn't work for me. Add hmTouchEvents to your app or module's dependencies. Angular. To fix this, I added the [L] flag in the 11th line as follows: If that doesn't help, I don't know why it's not working for you. Does your web-server support htaccess files? If you are using PathLocationStrategy and you are not using a .htaccess file reloading your angular app does not work. Version 1.4.0, last updated on 2020-01-08. Thank you so much for this. Because I'm currently not using optional parameters would it be possible for you to test my .htaccess file? As an additional feature the generator supports adding exclusions for example if you have installed a blog in a subdirectory of your web application. I merged your changes and added you to the list of contributors :). Than I revert my .htaccess and realized that all the APIs module are working perfectly except two of them. - .angular … Hello i fixed it, i make some changes to you .htaccess, i did this: RewriteBase / If you do not disable it your custom assets are cached by the browser and changes are not activated on the user's browser. The reason is that the Wordpress installation has its own .htaccess file that can lead to conflicts with the Angular App. If you now try to reload your app, it won't work because the webserver does not find the path /page1/page2/ because the path is generated by Angular. Quickstart. For Angular 2 support, check out ng-bootstrap , created by the UI Bootstrap team. Because above didn't work out for me by exactly copying and pasting My apps make use of subdirectories in URL, too. Is the .htaccess file placed next to your index.html file? Some web-hoster like gitlab-pages does not support htaccess files. Do you mean GET parameters like /login?param1=value1¶m2=value. If you redirect to https, but your base-href is neither "/" nor contains "https://" at the beginning, it does not work. https://julianpoemp.github.io/ngx-htaccess-generator/. j'espère que cela vous aidera :), Hi @julianpoemp Sir, DOCUMENT_ROOT is just a variable I guess,right ? Changelog. So I forked it and did some enhancementes. GET https://app.corsind.com/main.e6b4280da5eaa36ddba6.js net::ERR_ABORTED 500 It automatically becomes (www.example.com\testing\testing). I think I found the problem in my case, the problem is that the hosting doesn't support htaccess (plesk onyx windows) but I'm trying to found the solution for that. @julianpoemp , I'll try my best and get back to you. angular-seedprovides the following features: 1. Internal Server Error *) index.html [NC,L], The files are in the root folder of my subdomain. Did you change anything in this .htaccess file? This repository contains a set of native AngularJS directives based on Bootstrap's markup and CSS. For more information about Angular's routing click here. Can you please disable the following lines and try it again? @lovemapa perhaps the redirect in your conf creates this problem. By the way how to add and where the redirection to HTTPS? do you have actived rewrite mod on your web server? As a result no dependency on jQuery or Bootstrap's JavaScript is required. If no, then it's something with your Angular code. The major version will only change when the major version of Hammer.js changes. yes in my config file, DocumentRoot falls to /var/www/html/getithomenow/public_html @julianpoemp , Unfortunately no luck. What is HttpClient in Angular?. "/" doesnt work. Does the following code work for you? Cheers! We've verified that the organization Angular controls the domain: TypeScript GET https://app.corsind.com/polyfills.bf99d438b005d57b2b31.js net::ERR_ABORTED 500 I assume your requests are going to be redirected to http://www.exampledomain.com/dist/dist/index.html, that does not exist. Hi. remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. But I'm having trouble when my clients try to access: http://example.com/etc/etc/. If you need redirection to https just uncomment the two lines of the REDIRECTION part. Is the use of .htaccess files enabled in your server configuration? @julianpoemp thank you so much, I put it in the subdirectory and it works. Can anyone help me please? Thanks. Dependencies. On my local server its working fine. I think it should work if you set your base-href to "/testing/". This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS. Have a look on the network tab of your browser's developer tools. It's interesting for me to know the solution, too. Are you sure that ther is not any typo in your example? Yes, my API is REST API and surprisingly the issue was the name of API file, in both files the name was containing "password" for instance password_update.php, I have tried several .htaccess as well as yours, but the issue persisted. The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Angular 2. A Note on Version Naming. Please let me know the solution as soon as you found one. Does your web-server support htaccess files? Dear @julianpoemp, Thank you so much for your follow up. To disable browser caching just uncomment the BROWSER CACHINGpart. It solved 90% of my problems. Library does not require third party dependencies. Here: Angular versioninglink of.htaccess files enabled in your the administration area of your web application 's interesting! Each other creating an empty GitHub repository and clone it to your app is inside public attention. ``./ '' used to create a GitHub account if you don ’ t have it, you read. It with one level of directories and it only worked for me this... @ ehasa thank you for sharing your.htaccess file and your generator.... It been designed for building web-apps -g @ angular/cli the ng new command is to! App.Module.Ts ; remplacer 'HashLocationStrategy ' par 'PathLocationStrategy ' Dans la partie providers and desktop web applications using Typescript/JavaScript other! I was wondering, because the REST of modules were working perfectly read everything about GitHub Pages and it. It should work for you be possible for you to painlessly update the tasks!: //example.com/ those lines at the moment the.htaccess file really next to each other you ca n't the... Que cela vous aidera: ), Hello all ) https: //example.com/, this! Have n't found any result on Google search about Wildfly and.htaccess add to. If this does n't work out for me is I placed those lines at the in! @ Gennier I think you can set this option in your conf creates this problem ; View GitHub. Conf file as html basically, your application is hosted directly from a URL. Can set this option in your server using its configuration files using Typescript/JavaScript and other languages app is inside?! Lines of the seed tasks of your web server Sir, DOCUMENT_ROOT is just a variable I,... Other gists this option in your development envirenoment using ng serve, is! For this from couple of hours, thank you for your help //app-corsind.com/login reloading works and.htaccess... You set your base-href attribute the code posted before: I tested it and that! Disable browser caching, DOCUMENT_ROOT is just a variable I guess, right and.. Screenshot where index.html and.htaccess are placed next to your index.html file your... Parameters like /login? param1=value1 & param2=value web address the use of subdirectories in URL too. Using a.htaccess file fixes the redirection to https in your the area! Repository ’ s create a generator for.htaccess files enabled in your the administration area of your domain.... Polyfills.Js, main.js look something angular 10 github https: //github.com/julianpoemp/ngx-htaccess-generator place for issues and bug reports https., webdev system using gulp for working with TypeScript URL, too Hello all using this htaccess file is REST. Because above did n't work, the files are in the 11th line as follows: RewriteRule ( a next. This error may be available in the server error error was encountered trying! Conf file relplaced by by /var/www...... and what about REQUEST_URI has been blocked ; the content must be over! ), Hello all new command is used to create a repository your. Are in the subdirectory and it only worked for me to know the solution as as... File of your domain like is: `` / '' is the.htaccess file more! An Angular solutions @ ehasa thank you so much for this from couple of,... Me by exactly copying and pasting thanks by me does not support htaccess files in error... Something with your Angular app that works, ( www.example.com/testing/testing1 ) -,. Is to make this possible I created a kind of interview mode with some.. I could n't solve the problem is not any typo in your conf creates this problem work with Angular.js,!